BeanCounters LLC, Bristol

Our mission is to provide the highest quality bookkeeping and payroll services in a timely manner, at defined pricing and at the lowest possible cost.

Why beancounters LLC ?

  • Monthly Financial Packages Accurate, meaningful and professional financial report package.

  • Timeliness Financial report package delivered by the end of the next month. Financial transactions processed weekly.

  • Industry Specialists Industry specific charts of accounts and financial reports. Industry statistical comparisons.

  • Cost Savings Less expensive as compared to an internal employee or CPA firm rates.

  • Defined Pricing Know your cost. Cost is easily calculated based upon the number of transactions processed, not at hourly rates.

  • Convenience We provide weekly pickup and delivery of information.

  • Organization We provide you with a unique financial information gathering system.

  • Skilled Professionals Over 20 years of accounting and bookkeeping experience.

  • Computer Investments No hardware or software required.

  • Risk Free No startup fees or contracts.